Daily Jackpot

If you have an iPad you need to have this! This DANNIJO iPad case is 70% off right now on Shopbop and a perfect (and affordable) way to keep your technology just as fashionably savvy as you are.

DANNIJO mahlia ipad case, $150 $45, Shopbop.
(be advised that this is not for the latest generation of iPads)


Team iPhone

I got my first smartphone during my senior year of high school and it forever changed my life (and saved me from situations when I most certainly did not feel like interacting with weirdos). That opulent, accommodating, and exceptional little device was none other than Steve Job’s greatest hit, the iPhone. With the amount of things the phone can do, I just can’t understand why anyone would waste their time or money with anything else? Sorry BlackBerry-er’s but it just does not compare. During a very senseless period of my life, I made the switch and abandoned my prestigious Apple creation in exchange for a BlackBerry Bold. Ew (Nicki Minaj voice). That only lasted a week. Yes BBM is cool, but can your phone tell you what Bergdorf Goodman’s Shoe of the Day is and allow you to buy those Prada slingback bow pumps in less than a minute? Didn’t think so. So, my fellow iPhoners, here is a list of the apps that you need to keep up with the latest fashion and style trends.

Style.com invites you to join the world of the richfamous, and equally fabulous through their simple, self-named app. You get access to exclusive runway videos, complete coverage of the most major of fashion shows, photos and reports from the hottest parties, in-depth menswear coverage, link to their StyleFile blog, and my personal favorite, the ability to personally vote for the Look of the Day.

Next we have Bergdorf Goodman’s Shoe of the Day app. Everyday they update a shoe fulfilling the hottest trends of the moment. Scroll two tabs over, and you can purchase these little goodies all for yourself (if someone funds your Amex).

The OutNet hosted by Net-A-Porter is not only one of my favorite websites but also most precious app. This super simple and self-explantory app allows you to just tap on the image you’re interested in, and sale products will appear in the respective category.

Instagram is my favorite photo app and pictorial blog. You snap a photo, and then are granted 16 different filters to customize it however you would like. One tap later, you can share it with your instagram and twitter followers and facebook friends… or email, or text, blah blah.

Probably my favorite app thus far is the VogueStylist. It finds your location, determines the exact temperature and climate and offers you a selection of ensembles to wear that day. It also offers you different trends that you might be interested in depending on the weather (see “Bikini Beach” photo above). By the tap of a finger, you can shop the look.

If thats not convincing enough, take a look at these lovely little wardrobes that reputable designers developed for the iPhone. Blackberry folk, I’m sure the stand in the mall has cute covers with rhinestones you could scoop up?

From Left: Jagger Edge the montana studded iphone cover in taupe, $99. Shopbop / Dannijo reld 4g iphone case, $95. Shopbop / Jagger Edge leopard leather iphone cover, $99. Shopbop / Mr. DANNIJO stache iphone 4 case $98, DANNIJO